Smoothies to Sustain began in September 2016 as a student project led by three design students at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden. Before, we were avid dumpster divers, rescuing everything from food to furniture. Our project began as a new way for us to reduce food waste – on a larger scale. We started Smoothies to Sustains as a way to spread awareness on food waste and most importantly – rescue food! We received a grant from Linnaeus University as a sustainable development project allowing us to implement our project. Smoothies to Sustain has become a way to circulate surplus or ‘rescued’ food to students and staff around Linnaeus University in the form of smoothies. Smoothies are handed out for free in order to promote sustainable and healthy lifestyles for students. The smoothies have become a success not only on the university campus but around the city for events like ‘Earth Week Växjö’ and the ‘Transition Movement Växjö’. We have collaborated with various organizations, festivals, events and workshops, raising awareness of the global issue of food waste.

Since January 2017, Smoothies to Sustain has become a non-profit organization that encompasses not just Växjö, Sweden but beyond. We offer various services and programs such as workshops, lectures, events, and even guides on how to start your own food rescue, where ever you are. We create a sustainable alternative while raising awareness, inspiring and educating people about food waste.

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