We believe to create lasting and resilient change, we need to educate and build knowledge on sustainability. For us to talk to children and families about sustainability and allow them to express their ideas and thoughts on making positive change is a vital part to a brighter future. To educate in a friendly and safe environment with an emphasis on mutual learning lets the participants indulge in their creativity. The aim of our workshops is to guide them through sustainability as a topic and allow them to explore it through hands-on exercises. The workshops delve into topics of food waste, consumption and healthy lifestyles. Through discussions and playful activities we are able to share ideas and tips on what sustainability really means and how we can be try to make individual and local change for the better.

We currently offer workshops for children, teens, adults and everyone in between. Our workshops always include rescued food in the form of smoothies. Please get in touch with us for more information about pricing and availability.